Syllabi for courses related to the philosophy of sex and love:

Scott Anderson, University of British Columbia, Philosophy, Sex and Gender syllabus.

Stefano Bigliardi, AUI – Al Akhawayn University, Philosophical Thought: that __________Thing Called Love, 3.0.

Ann Cahill, Elon University, The Politics of Beauty syllabus.

Shannon Dea, University of Waterloo, Gender Issues syllabus.

Gary Foster, Wilfred Laurier University, Philosophy of Sex, Love and Friendship syllabus.

Sarah LaChance Adams, University of Wisconsin, Superior, Philosophy of Love and Sex syllabus.

Lowell Herr, Cal Poly Pomona, Current Debates about Sexuality syllabus and Course Reader Table of Contents.

Patricia Marino, University of Waterloo, Philosophy of Sex and Love syllabus.

Natasha McKeever, University of Sheffield, Philosophy of Sex and Love syllabus.

Shaun Miller, Marquette University, Rebellious Sexualities: Sexuality on the Outliers Syllabus.

Vincent Mulier, Portland State University, Philosophy of Sex and Love Syllabus.

Christian Perring, Dowling College, Philosophy of Sex and Love syllabus.

Nicholas Power, University of West Florida, Philosophy of Sex and Love syllabus.

Suzanne Senay, Humber College, Love and Sex: Philosophical Perspectives.

Suzanne Senay, Humber College, Philosophy of Love and Sex syllabus.

Alan Soble, Drexel University, Philosophy of Sex and Love syllabus and Appendix to the Syllabus.

Ronald de Sousa, University of Toronto, Philosophy of Sexuality syllabus.

Michael Strawser, University of Central Florida, Philosophy of Love syllabus.

Sharon Sytsma, Northern Illinois University, Philosophy of Sex, Gender, and Love syllabus.

Nancy Williams, Wofford College, Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Friendship syllabus.

Cori Wong, Pennsylvania State University, Philosophy of Love and Sex syllabus.

If you teach a class related to philosophy of sex and love and have a syllabus you’d be willing to share here, send it to me, Patricia Marino.

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