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Ingrid Albrecht, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Moral psychology; love; ethics; Kant; Hume
Raymond W. Aldred, McGill University
Metaethics; bioethics; philosophy of disability; philosophy of mind; epistemology
David J. Anderson, Texas A&M University
Wittgenstein, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion
Scott Anderson, University of British Columbia
Matt Andler, University of Virginia
Philosophy of gender and sexuality; social philosophy; feminist philosophy
Erik Anderson, Furman University
Jami Anderson, University of Michigan Flint
Barbara S. Andrew, William Paterson University
Ethics; social and political philosophy; feminist theory


Anastasia Babash, University of Tartu, Estonia
Cyberlove and cybersex; ethics; feminist philosophy; philosophy of technology
Richard Baffoe-Djan, researcher and matchmaker
Alison Bailey, Illinois State University
Omar Bachour, Queen’s University
Moral and political philosophy; Kantian ethics; critical theory; philosophy of sex and love
Alexa Baiano, Independent Scholar
Human nature, the senses, and their relation to sexuality
Hans Bakker, University of Guelph
Peirce, semiotics, media representations of sex and love
Peter Banki, University of Western Sydney
Sex/philosophy; the politics of reconciliation; forgiveness and cultural trauma
Steve Barbone, San Diego State University
Mathieu Baril, McGill University
Moral Psychology; ethics;  philosophy of sex and love; feminism
Guri Barstad, Universitetet i Tromsø
Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, University of Haifa, Israel
Stefano Bigliardi, AUI – Al Akhawayn University
Religion and science
Deirdre Black, Duquesne University
Plato; Kierkegaard; Kafka; love; education
Kurt Blankschaen, Boston University
Social/political philosophy; feminist philosophy; philosophy of language
Kristen Blinne, University of South Florida
Narrative and poetic inquiry; performing love and sexuality
Andrew Brahm, Independent Scholar
Elizabeth Brake, Arizona State University
Marriage; parenthood; feminist ethics; political philosophy
Samantha Brennan, University of Western Ontario
Normative ethics; feminist ethics; sexual ethics; children’s sexual agency
Thom Brooks, University of Newcastle
Feminism; Kant and Hegel; multiculturalism
Stephen Bujno, Alma Mater Europaea
Love, phenomenology and personagenesis
Ida Bukkestein
Autonomy in sex, love, and sadism
Luke Brunning, University of Oxford
Ethics broadly construed; philosophy of emotion; philosophy of sex and love


Sarah Cabral, Boston College
Ann Cahill, Elon University
Feminist theory, philosophy of the body
Carol Caraway, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Sonia Cancian, Zayed University
Transnational migration; correspondence; gender and women’s studies; love and sex
Robert F. Card, State University of New York, Oswego
Eric Cave, Arkansas State University
Normative ethics; social and political philsosophy, rationality and rational choice, erotic love; marriage, sexual seduction
Deen Chatterjee, University of Utah
Jeremy de Chavez, Queen’s University
Political uses of love; Alain Badiou; Erich Fromm; Franz Fanon; “deviant” love (incest, interracial relationships, queer Love, et al.)
Clare Chambers, University of Cambridge
Feminism; political philosophy; marriage; beauty, body, and surgery
Myisha Cherry, John Jay College
Social justice; sexual ethics; global ethics
Howard Chiang, University of Warwick
History and historical epistemology of biology, medicine, and the human sciences; gender and sexuality in modern China
Justin Clardy, Stanford University
Moral philosophy; philosophy of love; social & political philosophy; political emotions; Black sexuality; non-monogamy
W. Mark Cobb, Bucks County Community College
Eros; the Freudian left; Freudo-Marxism; Marcuse; aesthetics; ethics; social and political philosophy
Andrew Cohen, Georgia State University
Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Intimate discrimination; sexual attraction and aversion; gay, asexual, and inter-racial marriage
Shari Collins, Arizona State University at the West Campus
Business ethics, environmental ethics, reproductive ethics, and philosophy of sex and love
James Conlon, Mount Mary College
Brandon Cooke, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Aesthetics; ethics
Matthew S. Cooper, South Mountain Community College
Epistemology; history and philosophy of Sex; religious extremism; fundamentalism and antifundamentalism
Timothy Cowan, Lone Star College
Alyssa Cortez, San Jose State University
Philosophy of love, sex, hip hop and education; feminist metaphysics; epistemology; ethics
Chris Crasto, Independent Scholar
Love, sex, gender and relationships
Amanda Juico Dela Cruz, De La Salle University
Feminist theory, Philosophy of sex, Aesthetics and art theory, and Philosophy and literature
Jason Cruze, Biola University
Philosophy of religion; metaphysics; moral responsibility; sex; love; agency
Elena Cuffari, Worcester State University
inactive philosophy of mind and language, embodiment, gesture studies, feminist philosophy, philosophy of love and sex, history of modern philosophy
Emmanuel Cuisinier, Concordia University
phenomenology and intersubjectivity in experiences of love and sexuality


Joseph G. D’Ambrosio, University of Louisville
Theories of love; marriage and cohabitation
Claus Damgaard, Independent Scholar
Shannon Dea, University of Waterloo
Early modern philosophy; classic pragmatism; gender issues
Tracy R.W. de Boer, University of Victoria
Sexual identity; human rights
Elyx Desloover, University of Montreal
Trans studies; queer theory; philosophy of gender & sexuality; feminism; epistemology; literary theory; poetics; philosophy of language; performativity; continental philosophy.
Tom Digby, Springfield College
Philosophy of love and sex; cultural militarism; feminist philosophy
Dan Demetriou, University of Minnesota, Morris
Ethics, Social-Political
Cristian Dimitriu, University of Toronto
Zeynep Direk, Koç University
Psychoanalysis; feminism; philosophical perspectives on gender
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Gwendolyn Dolske, Loyola Marymount
Moral Theory, Continental Thought, Philosophy of Literature
Taine Duncan, University of Central Arkansas
Critical theory; feminism; critical whiteness studies; history of continental philosophy


Opolot Ronny Edward, Independent Scholar
Yolanda Estes, Mississippi State University



Jonathan Fabella, University of St Andrews
Aesthetics/philosophy-of-art, nineteenth-century European philosophy
Yiftach J. H. Fehige, University of Toronto
Metaphysics of human sexuality; new phenomenology of human sexuality [Hermann Schmitz], gay marriage and Roman-Catholic doctrine
Naas Ferreira, University of Pretoria
Gnosticism; myths; Sexuality as a way to enlightenment
Rafael Leopoldo A S Ferreira, Independent Scholar
Critical Theory; Freudian psychoanalytic theory; philosophy of sexuality
Lisa Folkmarson Käll, Uppsala University
Gary Foster, Wilfred Laurier University
Ethics; philosophy of Love; existentialism and personal Identity
Sarah S. G. Frantz, Fayetteville State University
Literary criticism; popular romance studies; construction of gender


Ann Garry, California State University, Los Angeles
Malak Ghattas, Vision International University, Ca-Kuwait campus
Love; sex; gender studies; beauty; Counselling & psychotherapy, love & sex relationships, cognitive therapy, logotherapy, gender affairs
Deirdre Golash, American University
Alexandra Golikov, Independent Scholar
Sexual ethics; environmental ethics
Lyle John Goodwin, Independent Scholar
Brandon Gordon, Kent State University
Ethics; philosophy of religion; erotic love
Jessica Gosnell, St. Ambrose University
The nature of basic relationship terms and the issue of consent
Rebecca Gould, University of Birmingham
Global philosophies of sex and love (especially Persian); feminist theory; aesthetics
Christopher Grau, Clemson University
Ethics; metaphysics; film; love (especially irreplaceability)
Sara Green, Franciscan University of Steubenville
Lena Gunnarsson, Örebro Universitet
Feminist theory; love studies; Jónasdóttir’s theory of love power; Roy Bhaskar’s philosophy of meta-reality


Mane Hajdin, Santa Clara University
Metaethics; applied ethics; philosophy of law; social and political Philosophy
Raja Halwani, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ami Harbin, Dalhousie University
Chelsea Harry, Duquesne University
Charles Hebert
Conceptual problems; political and ethical matters; the history of the philosophy of sex and love; feminist theory
Andreas Heise
Jacob Held, University of Central Arkansas
Legal and political philosophy; 19th century German philosophy; critical social Theory; applied ethics
Shriniwas Hemade, Pune University
Applied philosophy; applied ethics
Paul Herman, University of the Fraser Valley
Lowell E. Herr, Cal Poly Pomona
Feminism, Social Political Philosophy
Cressida Heyes, University of Alberta
Gestur H. Hilmarsson, University of Iceland
Existentialism; phenomenology; ethics of religion; philosophy of film; philosophy of mathematics
Jiří Hoblík, Philosophical Faculty of the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
History of religion; ethics; philosophy of religion
Cindy Holder, University of Victoria
Sarah Hoffman, University of Saskatchewan
Elaine M. Hull, Florida State University
Richard T. Hull, Text and Academic Authors Association


Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa, University of British Columbia

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Ada Jaarsma, Sonoma State University
Feminist philosophy and feminist theory; queer theory and gender studies; existentialism; critical theory; 19th and 20th century continental philosophy
Brennan Jacoby, Independent Scholar
Moral Psychology; ethics; the philosophy of trust
Marianne Janack, Hamilton College

Hege Dypedokk Johnsen, Stockholm University
Ancient philosophy (esp. Plato); philosophy of love and sex; history of philosophy; feminist philosophy
Rolf Johnson, Western Connecticut State University (Emeritus)
John Kaiser Ortiz, Millersville University
Robin Bradley Kar, University of Illinois College of Law
Lara Karaian, Carleton University
Teenage sexting and child pornography; ‘revenge porn’; accidental incest and ‘technology facilitated’ incest; virtual rape; ‘self-exploitation’; queer pornography; risk management; (self)surveillance; pregnant men and anti-discrimination law; transgender human rights; third wave feminisms.
Hani Karawan, Independent Scholar
Philosophy and psychology of love
Bryan Kimoto, University of Memphis
20th-century Continental philosophy; queer theory; social and political philosophy; transgender studies
John Kleinig, John Jay College, CUNY Graduate Center & Australian National University
Peggy Kleinplatz, University of Ottawa
Sudarshan R Kottai, Jindal School of Psychology and CounsellingMental health marginalised/ minority population, sexuality, gender and mental health, philosophy of psychiatry
Anil Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University


Eloy LaBrada,  University of Alberta
Social metaphysics; analytic philosophy of gender and sexuality; analytic feminism; metaphysics of love

Sarah LaChance Adams, University of Wisconsin, Superior
19th and 20th century continental philosophy; ethics; feminism; philosophical psychology
Colin Lambert, tlgconsulting
Abraham Maslow; electricity and energy; tantra; BDSM; the relationship between sex, love, and friendship
Rosan Larizza, Jacksonville, Florida
Cecile Lawrence, Independent Scholar and Activist
Julie Lavigne, Université du Québec à Montréal
Wendy Lee, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Berel Dov Lerner, Western Galilee College, Israel
James HP Lewis, University of Birmingham
Ethics, Aesthetics, Interpersonal Relations
Shawn Loht, Tulane University
Phenomenology; German philosophy; pre-Socratic philosophy; philosophy of film
Peta-Ann Long, The University of the West Indies
Social and political philosophy; pragmatism and neo-pragmatism; ethics; applied ethics
Brett Lunceford, University of South Alabama
Rhetorical theory and criticism; new media and technology; social movement rhetoric; media ecology; rhetoric and democratic practice; theories of orality and literacy; pedagogical practice; gender performance; rhetoric of the body


Alice MacLachlan, York University
Ethics (especially feminist ethics, virtue ethics, and moral psychology); social and political philosophy
Katarina Majerhold, Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Philosophy of love; emotions and sexuality; practical philosophy and ethics
Ania Malinowska, University of Silesia in Katowice
Popular culture; cultural theory; love; representation
Qrescent Mali Mason, Temple University
Ethics; Simone de Beauvior; the erotic
Patricia Marino, University of Waterloo, co-President of SPSL
Ethics; philosophy of sex and love; philosophy of economics
Lily Martinez, University of Brasilia
The mechanism by which gender is culturally constructed; the context in which a political intent can be achieved.
Eirini Martsoukaki, University of Toronto
Moral Psychology, Ethics, Philosophy of Action
Cathy Mason, Central European University
Philosophy of love and friendship, Iris Murdoch, virtue theory
Michael McCrocklin, Sex Therapist
Love, Christian ethics; psychology; sex therapy; sex offender therapy; sex education, ethics
Rachel McKinnon, College of Charleston
Epistemology; metaphysics; decision theory; metaethics; gender identity
Natasha Mckeever, University of Sheffield
Romantic love and monogamy
Jen McWeeny, John Carroll University
French phenomenology; emotion theory; epistemology; feminist comparative philosophy; early modern philosophy
Frankc Berlanga Medina, University of Arkansas
Sexuality; gender; queer theory; race, critical theory; Foucault; Derrida; deconstructionism
Margus Waffa Meigo
love; love and nature
Anna Mense, JLU Giessen, Germany
Social ontology of love, love as a capacity, deficient loving
relations, sex-positivity, language and sex, sex and tabooed discourse
Shaun Miller, Marquette University
philosophy of sex and love; existentialism; Schopenhauer
Tony Milligan, University of Hertfordshire
Love, animal rights
Brishti Modak, Presidency University, Kolkata
Saad Mohammad, Independent Scholar
Plato, Platonic theory of love, Freudian psychoanalytic theory
Richard Mohr, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Katie Monk, University of Cambridge and University of Leeds
Consent; love; gender; the intersection of these with philosophy of language
Kevin Prescott Morris II, University of Arkansas,
Literary criticism; critical theory; philosophy of sex; Sartre; gender studies; black bodies and sexuality
Charles Moser, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Justin Moss, Washburn University
Applied ethics; ethical theory
Vincent Mulier, Portland State University
Applied ethics; environmental ethics
Amy Mullin, University of Toronto
Loving relationships between children and their caregivers (including but not limited to parents)
Cecilea Mun
Henry Muro, University of California, Santa Barbara
Timothy Murphy, University of Illinois, Chicago


Astrida Neimanis, York University & McMaster University
Skye Nettleton
Maja Niestrój, European University Frankfurt Oder, Berlin Practical Philosophy International Forum e. V.
Philosophy of language; philosophy of love and sex; pragmatism; erotic imagination, erotic intelligence; metaphors
Zoheir Noaparast, University of Vienna
Epistemology; moral and political philosophy
Richard Nunan, College of Charleston


C. Shawn Oak, University of Louisville
Theories of intimacy; geriatric sexuality; alternative relationships; men’s/ masculine studies
Jill Oliver, University of Waterloo
Philosophy of biology; philosophy of medicine; bioethics
Olumide Okunmakinde
Philosophy of gender relations; the relationship between human and animal sexual psychology’
Melissa Orlie, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Christine Overall, Queen’s University
Feminist philosophy; applied ethics; philosophy of religion


Jordan Pascoe, Manhattan College
Feminist philosophy; social and political philosophy; epistemology; decolonial philosophy; Kant

Felipe Pereira, Seton Hall University
value theory, well-being, moral psychology, and metaphysics.

Lee Perlman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Christian Perring, Dowling College

Chiara Piazzesi, Université du Québec à Montréal
Love in contemporary western society
Arina Pismenny, CUNY Graduate Center
Normative ethics; personal identity; romantic love
Danielle Poe, University of Dayton
Lindsey Porter, Lancaster University
Parental ethics; familial obligation; procreation
John Portmann, University of Virginia
Moral philosophy; Roman Catholic sexual ethics; friendships between women and gay men; erotic chat rooms; dementia and sexuality; and US Supreme Court rulings regarding children, the family and marriage
Nicholas Power, University of West Florida
Tim Prezli, University of Ljubljana
sex education, culture and history of human sexulity, theoretical sexology, philosophy and theory of sex and gender, biology and evolution of sexuality


Carol Viola Anne Quinn, Metro State College of Denver


Peter Rantaša, Univiersity of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Philosophy of technology; philosophy of cognitive science; philosophy of culture; philosophy of emotions
Sal Renshaw, Nipissing University
Bryan Register, University of Texas at Austin
Philosophy of mind; action, language; meta-ethics
Scott Richardson, Millersville University
Intersections of power, agency, and performance (particularly gender, sexuality and schooling)
Jeroen Rijnders, Utrecht University
sexual preferences and sexual development
Pärttyli Rinne, University of St. Andrews
Bassam Romaya, Temple University
John Roman, Elon University
António José Rosas, Independent Scholar
Contemporary notions of love; the relations between love, knowledge and personal fulfillment and empowerment
T. Raja Rosenhagen, University of Pittsburgh
Epistemology; philosophy of perception (including moral perception), philosophy of language; indian philosophy, and philosophy of love, particularly Iris Murdoch
Francey Russell, University of Chicago
Moral psychology, moral philosophy, Freud, Kant, aesthetics


Patrick Salazar-Caso, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Metaphysics; philosophy of religion; classical philology; philosophy of information; hyperreality; ancient philosophy; philology; doxography
Hope Sanderlin, Kutztown University
Aristotle; Aquinas; sexual ethics; religion
Alexander Scavone, California College, San Diego
Philosophy of love; philosophy of mind; metaphysics
Kory Schaff, Occidental College
Political philosophy; German idealism
Suzanne Senay, Humber College

Masoume Shahgord, Azad University, Tehran Science and Research Branch

Devora Shapiro, Community Faculty Metropolitan State University
Hasana Sharp, McGill University
Alexis Shotwell, Laurentian University
Unspeakable and unspoken knowledge and its implications for epistemology, feminist theories, gender studies, critical race theories, affect and emotion, cultural studies
Laurie Shrage, Florida International University
Political philosophy; feminist theory
Pankaj Singh, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Deharadun, India
Bronwyn Singleton
20th century continental philosophy (especially phenomenology); feminism; virginity, sexual difference; biopolitics; technology
Roberto Sirvent, Hope International University
Philosophy of love; Christian social ethics; law and religion
Dan R. Smedra, Independent Scholar
Creational teleology of erotic sexuality; metaphysics; ontology; [Richard M. Davidson]
Patrick Smith, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alan Soble
Ronald de Sousa, University of Toronto
Al Spangler, California State University, Long Beach
Susan A. Stark, Bates College
William Stephens, Creighton University
Love and friendship in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy; sexual ethics
James Sterba, University of Notre Dame
Scott Stewart, Cape Breton University
Applied philosophy; biomedical ethics; philosophy of love and sex; philosophy and literature
Silvia Stoller, University of Vienna
Jason Stotts, Independent Scholar
Sexual ethics; Eudaimonism; philosophy of emotions; philosophy of psychology
Michael Strawser, University of Central Florida
Love; Kierkegaard; Spinoza; Derrida
Wayne Sumner, University of Toronto
Anita Superson, University of Kentucky
Metaethics; normative ethics; feminism
Ronald Suter, Michigan State University, Emeritus
Sharon Sytsma, Northern Illinois University


Nicola Tams, University of Freiburg
Philosophy of friendship; correspondence; philosophy of sex and love;
postcolonial philosophy; art and love
Martin Thibodeau, Saint-Paul University & Bishops University
Hegel; Kant; German idealism; social and political philosophy; ethics; aesthetics; philosophy of religion
Brian Thomas, University of California, Riverside
Chloë Taylor, McGill University
Krista Thomason, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Vitali Turenko, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Govinda S. Upadhyaya, Tribhuvan University
David Utsler, University of North Texas
Philosophy of sex and erotica; hermeneutics; critical theory; environmental philosophy; philosophy of food; social-political philosophy; philosophy of technology


Sari M. van Anders, University of Michigan
Social neuroendocrinology; intimacy & sexuality; gender/sex Sexual diversity; feminist neuroscience; evolution, health, feminist science studies, queer science

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Stan van Hooft, Deakin University, Australia

Jason van Niekerk, University of Pretoria
African philosophy; normative ethics; African communitarianism and homophobia/heterosexism
Helga Varden, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, co-President of SPSL
Legal and political philosophy; feminist philosophy; history of political thought; ethics; Kant; applied ethics
Tyler Viale, Boston College
Philosophy of eros; phenomenology; Platonism and neo-Platonism
Ludger Viefhues-Bailey, Yale University
Andrew John Vierra, Georgia State University
Philosophy Of Sexuality, Neuroethics


Jason Waller, Eastern Illinois University
Modern philosophy; legal philosophy; ethics; social and political philosophy (including gender and sexuality)
Caleb Ward, Stony Brook University (SUNY)
Ethics; phenomenology; feminist theory
Justin Weinberg, University of South Carolina
Shelley Weinberg, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Early modern philosophy
Dan Werner, SUNY New Paltz
Richard White, Creighton University
Nancy M. Williams, Wofford College
Feminist philosophy; ethical Theory; animal ethics; social and political philosophy
Cory Wimberly, University of Texas Pan American
Kathleen Wininger, University of Southern Maine
Andrew M. Winters, Yavapai College
Matthew Wion, Marquette University
Cori Wong, Penn State University
Feminist philosophy; social epistemology; ontology; as these apply to gender, race, and sexuality
Nicole Wyatt, University of Calgary



Elif Tuğçe Yasin, Independent Scholar
Feminist philosophy, feminist epistemology, gender and women’s studies and phenomenology


Aaron Ben Ze’ev, University of Haifa
Study of emotions, romantic love, and moral psychology.
Edward Zeauskas, Hood College
Third wave pro-sex movement; concept of love; history of sex; anti-heros of feminism; fetishism and social constraints
Robin Zheng, University of Michigan
Ethics; moral psychology; social and political philosophy
Zorianna Zurba, Ryerson University and York University
Intimacy; love; film-philosophy; the representation of affect
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