Call For Abstracts: SPSL’s Virtual Seminar 2023-2024

The Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love is pleased to announce its Fall-Winter 2023 virtual seminar and invites papers and panel proposals in any area of the philosophy of sex and love, particularly those that (broadly) explore one or more of the following themes:

  1. Autonomy, Respect, and Trust in Sexual and Romantic Relationships
  2. Asexuality
  3. Disability and pleasure
  4. Moral Considerations of Sexual Fantasies
  5. Marriage and Morals
  6. Black Feminist love politics (see Nash 2012)
  7. Lordean erotics
  8. The Epistemology of Sexual Consent
  9. Sex in the post-Roe era
  10. Love as a (or a necessary condition of) transformative praxis particularly for Black and Brown futures
  11. Womanism
  12. The Nature of Love
  13. Feminist Perspectives on Partiality
  14. Sexual Freedom and Agency
  15. Pleasure Activism (see Brown 2019)
  16. Objectification
  17. Radical love and religion (in general and Black liberation theology and love and/or Womanist liberation theology and love in particular)
  18. Love, sex, and pleasure beyond whiteness
  19. Self-love and trans* identity
  20. Philosophy of Sex Education
  21. Teaching philosophies of love and sex

We welcome submissions of individual abstracts as well as proposals for joint sessions. Please submit your abstract using this form.

The deadline for abstract submission (up to 500 words) is July 31, 2023, and notification of acceptance will be sent by August 15, 2023.

The seminar will include both invited and refereed talks, providing an opportunity for a diverse range of perspectives and discussions on the topics of interest. We are particularly interested in proposals that promote gender equality and diversity, and encourage submissions from researchers with various institutional affiliations, at different stages of their professional careers, from diverse geographical origins, and from underrepresented groups.

SPSL’s Virtual Seminar February 2023: Rethinking Love

Please join The Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love for our February Virtual Seminar, Rethinking Love with speakers Pilar Lopez-Cantero (University of Tilburg) and Joel Ballivian (UW-Madison), and our chair and organizer, Eli Benjamin Isreal (Temple). 

We’ll meet next Thursday, 2/23 at 1pm EST on Zoom, here:

SPSL Virtual Seminar Thursday August 25

Join us for the inaugural session of SPSL’s Vritual Seminar, Thursday August 25 at 1pm EST. Zoom link here.

“In this talk–“Playful Sex: A Kantian Account”–I develop ideas from my Sex, Love, and Gender: A Kantian Account regarding the many ways in which we can engage sexuality playfully. The talk starts from an analogy I draw in Sex, Love, and Gender between playing squash and having sex. I then introduce some basic, philosophical ideas of Kant’s that we can use to better understand how we develop, transform, and integrate into a dynamic sexual, erotic whole what Kant calls our “vital forces” and our “animality,” “humanity,” and “personality” through aesthetic-teleological, associative, and conceptual means. Rather than ending up with the alienating and strangely moralizing conception of sexuality typically attributed to Kant and the Kantians, the resulting account is very useful as we try to get into view how playfulness can be productively and constructively engaged as we strive to flourish sexually.”