SPSL Virtual Seminar Thursday August 25

Join us for the inaugural session of SPSL’s Vritual Seminar, Thursday August 25 at 1pm EST. Zoom link here.

“In this talk–“Playful Sex: A Kantian Account”–I develop ideas from my Sex, Love, and Gender: A Kantian Account regarding the many ways in which we can engage sexuality playfully. The talk starts from an analogy I draw in Sex, Love, and Gender between playing squash and having sex. I then introduce some basic, philosophical ideas of Kant’s that we can use to better understand how we develop, transform, and integrate into a dynamic sexual, erotic whole what Kant calls our “vital forces” and our “animality,” “humanity,” and “personality” through aesthetic-teleological, associative, and conceptual means. Rather than ending up with the alienating and strangely moralizing conception of sexuality typically attributed to Kant and the Kantians, the resulting account is very useful as we try to get into view how playfulness can be productively and constructively engaged as we strive to flourish sexually.”

Call For Papers: SPSL@APA Pacific 2023

The Society of the Philosophy of Sex and Love is delighted to announce a call for abstracts for its session—“Love and Sex in Times of Rupture”—at the 2023 APA Pacific Division Meeting in San Francisco, CA (April 5-8, 2023).

In “Love as Political Resistance” from Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, adrienne marie brown (2019) simultaneously engages with love, pleasure, and rupture in an account of radical transformation and care.

Audre Lorde taught us that caring for ourselves is “not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”  And although we know how to meme and tweet those words, living into them is harder.  We have a deeper socialization to overcome, one that tells us that most of us don’t matter—our health, our votes, our work, our safety, our families, our lives don’t matter—not as much as those of white men.  We need to learn how to practice love such that care—for ourselves and others—is understood as political resistance and cultivating resilience.  (brown 2019, 59)

We invite abstracts for papers that take up brown’s call to practices of love, sex, pleasure, and care amidst and as rupture.  We are open to different orientations to the concept of “rupture.”  We are especially interested in non-majoritarian and intersectional engagements with the theme.  How do you, or how ought we live into practices of love, care, and pleasure in this time of COVID, war, disenfranchisement, and the spread of authoritarianism and totalitarianism?  What might living into these practices make possible under these conditions?

We invite abstracts of 300-500 words due by 11:59PM ET on August 10th. Please send abstracts to jordan.pascoe@manhattan.edu

We will alert those who have been accepted by late August/September 1st.

Call for Abstracts: SPSL Virtual Seminar

The Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love invites papers and panel proposals on any topic related to the philosophy of sex and love for the Fall and Spring terms of its new virtual seminar, which will run online from August 2022 to May 2023.

Each session will last approximately 1hr 30 minutes and will consist of:

–          One talk lasting approximately 40-50 minutes, followed by a 40 minutes discussion, or;

–          Joint sessions (mini-workshop format), consisting of two or three 20-25 minutes talks followed by a 10-20 minutes discussion.


We welcome submissions for individual abstracts and joint sessions. Anonymized abstracts should be sent to: elibenjamin@temple.edu
Deadline: Abstract Submission (250-500 words each): May 31, 2022; Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2022 

We particularly encourage proposals that foster gender–equality and diversity, including researchers with various institutional affiliations, at diverse stages of their professional careers, with different geographical origins, and from underrepresented groups.

SPSL members: if you are willing to evaluate submissions and/or to co-organize the seminar, please contact me at elibenjamin@temple.edu.