SPSL@APA Central February 24-25

Please join the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love at the APA Central Meeting February 24-25.

Wednesday February 24 2:15-5:15 Central Time

Author-meets-Critics: Sex, Love and Gender: A Kantian Theory
Author: Helga Varden (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Alice Maclachlan (York University, Toronto)
Ann Cahill (Elon University)
Jordan Pascoe (Manhattan College)

Thursday, February 25 9am-12pm Central Time

SPSL: Coming as Our Better Selves: Compersion, Compassion, and Consent
Shaun Miller (Dalhousie University)
“Sexual Obligations and Sexual Pleasure”
Shannon Hoff (Memorial University)
“Intimate Exposure: A Feminist, Phenomenological Consideration of Sexual-Being-in-the-World”
Aaron Ben Ze’ev (University of Haifa)
“I am glad that my partner is happy with her lover’: On Jealousy and Compersion”

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